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Tony Kill, Calvin Love, October ’71

Sunday, November 17
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7:30pm

Tony Kill
By day, the masterful D.C. producer, songwriter & musician works as an engineer at NASA, but at night he creates vibrant, fuzzy soundscapes ingrained with deep, powerful lyrics. Composing, recording and packaging his own unique blend of electronic and punk sensibilities into tracks that are both exciting and inspiring, Kill balances his artistic output with his passion for astronomy.



Calvin Love 
Only once in every blue moon comes an artist that seems so familiar yet out of space as Calvin Love. Like a stranded space captain locked in a cockpit recording his final thoughts. The young charmer arrives an enigma, a strutting, crooning contradiction: as menacing as he is magnetic, blending obsession with the beauty of artifice and the inner systems of real and natural things. It’s this infallible match of the authentic to the inventive that make Calvin Love’s work so strange and inviting. 


As a return to the “Heartbreak Hotel”, the band takes a left turn taking on a full cinematic landscape set during the world series of 1971 between Pittsburgh & Baltimore. As a smoggy interpretation of a vintage steel city, “October ’71” is a band comprised of Rob Stokes, Sir E.U, Jesse Sattler, Sam Catherman, Sean Lesczynski, Andrew Pendergrast & co-produced by Tony Kill & Stokes. However, this go-around, it’s not so much a band as it is a story. 

The tale follows a house band entrenched in a venue & theatre with deep ties to the seedy underworld of the mob. With vaults of cash riding on the outcome of each game, a rogue FBI agent (Sir E.U) finds his way into the scene and quickly finds himself in too deep. His love of music, drink & bevy of life’s pleasures introduces him to the band and their lives are brought closer to the edge of total chaos.