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Freddy Leighton Memorial Show

Sunday, February 09
Show | 6pm // Doors | 5pm

All ages

An all-local show to honor the memory of our dear friend Freddy Leighton, an iconic presence in the DC music scene. All proceeds will benefit the Freddy Leighton Arts Fund.

Knife Wife: Minimalistic music monkeys churning out disconcerting melodies. A gaggle of goofy creatures dancing like heathens to their own yelps for help. The diary of a teenybopper translated and recited by freaks. This and more in the foreboding and mirthful sounds of Knife Wife

instagram: @knifewife69

Grxzzly: Origin – Landover, Maryland

An artist that’s been actively writing and performing for 9 years. Hip Hop raised me as a young man. Rather it was the traditional NY boom bap, West Side thug vibe or the smooth Southern sound, I was obsorbing it all.

My music can differ from something smooth, lyrical and conscious, to highly energized and crowd moving. You can compared me to artist like Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs , Domo Genesis, & Wiz Khalifa.

My goals as an artist is to tour the world, share creativity with millions and engage with those who love music.

Tuff Lover is an Electronic Pop/Deep House quartet from Washington D.C.. Beginning in Nikhil Rao’s living room with an SP-404 Sampler and various synths, it started as a multimedia experiment with Freddy Leighton, but over time morphed into a full band with two drummers, saxophone, and ambient vocal harmonies. With the death of Freddy Leighton in October 2019, Freddy is followed by close friend Chloe Menderson on lead vocals.

Now Tuff Lover performs with John Heinze and Colin Kelly (percussion), Graham Robertson (saxophone), Chloe Menderson (vocals), and Nikhil Rao (Roland SP-404, Korg Minilogue, Casio Organ). Their live set is characterized with bounces between clubby dance pop and instrumental jazz improvisation, creating a unique energy that is organic, alive, ethereal.

Live at the Dougout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5zthFQM_1E

Knife Wife (headliner)
Sir E.U.
Tuff Lover
XK Scenario
The Hips