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Concert Moms Presents: GRLWOOD w/ model/actriz, Sweet Peach

Sunday, December 15
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7:30pm

Doors 7:30 | Show 8:00
Advance $10 | Day of $12
All ages

Kentucky-fried queerdos GRLwood are back with their sophomore album I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12,out now on sonaBLAST! Records. Addressing the well established themes of punk rock such as politics and depression, along with new, much welcomed topics of queerness and sexuality, each song can be viewed as an internal monologue of a 12 year old, a pivotal age that throws a kid into the struggles and confusion of adolescence.

Still fresh faces, Rej Forester (guitar and vocals) and Karen Ledford (drums) are not fresh to the
stage. Known for their energetic live performances, since joining forces the two have had a full
schedule of shows, travel, and recording. Refusing to be confined by labels, these queerdos are
a musical force paving their own path through the music scene.

Known for their visceral blend of industrial dance, hardcore music, and a volatile live performance, Model/Actriz is an experiment in the primal aspects of human nature.

Formed in Boston, the band draws influence from a myriad of music scenes – vocalist Cole Haden hails from Delaware and guitarist Jack Wetmore and drummer Ruben Radlauer from Los Angeles. The three found common ground in the desire to paint a sensual picture with violent colors.

After three EPs and a hiatus, the band has since relocated to New York and plans to release new music in the near future.

Sweet Peach (LIFE X DEATH Split Release)
From the sweaty basements of College Park, Maryland grew a succulent fruit. Sweet Peach grew from dirty DIY basements and cigarette-fueled practices. It all started with a Facebook post: “Anyone play drums who wants to start a band?” From there, the band experimented with different sounds, different names (fka “Diet Android”), and different members before landing on its heavy, fuzz-laden style and finalizing its lineup — Yvette, Ben, Garret, and Tommie — before recording their debut EP Sheer Existence in April 2019. With inspiration ranging from The Used to Microwave to Mogwai and Frankie Cosmos, Sweet Peach’s cohesively camoflauged songwriting has seen the band fit in with all types of genres, from indie-pop to hardcore.

On Sheer Existence (Chillwavve Records), Sweet Peach saw each member bring their own personal touch to the songs, while still maintaining an innovative and creative compatibility. Influential DIY blog The Alternative said, “Sheer Existence has been a labor of love, years in the making, and there’s a unique power behind Yvette’s (writer/vox) voice that enforces just how special this EP is.” Yvette’s intensely personal lyrics blend perfectly with Ben’s refreshing guitar leads, while Garret’s bass work and Tommie’s high-energy drumming lay down the groove like almost no other — making an EP you won’t soon forget. Sweet Peach is releasing a new split EP at the end of 2019, and is recording their sophomore EP in 2020.
(bio by Sean Neumann)