*SOLD OUT* Outer Heaven w/ Skullshitter, Perpetuated, Deliriant Nerve

Friday, August 27
Show: | 8pm // Doors: | 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages

Outer Heaven 

Formed in 2013 from the backwoods of PA, Pennsylvania-based death metal legion OUTER HEAVEN immediately left a pulverizing imprint on the East Coast death metal scene with their crushing live performances, old-school ethos and string of releases including their 2013 Self-Titled demo, debut EP Diabolus Vobiscum (2015) and a 4-way split featuring label-mates Gatecreeper plus Homewrecker and Scorched (2016).

Following years of anticipation, OUTER HEAVEN signed with Relapse Records for the release of their highly-anticipated, debut full-length album Realms of Eternal Decay. Across 10 tracks and 30+ minutes of grotesque, groove-laden Death Metal, OUTER HEAVEN immediately raise the bar for the new generation of extreme bands. Realms of Eternal Decay w as produced by Kevin Bernsten (Skeletonwitch, Full of Hell, Integrity) at Developing Nations Studios mixed and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Cavalera Conspiracy, Inquisition, Pissgrave). Features sickening cover artwork by Matthew Stikker (Power Trip).


Necrolysergic deathgrind exhumed from the sewers of Brooklyn. Raw and primal blasting through an acid soaked cosmic death trip burrowing into the inner filth of your psyche. This is howling putrid death hearkening back to the days of Repulsion and Autopsy.


DC death dealers. Members of Genocide Pact, Tomb Warden, Low Flesh.

Deliriant Nerve 

DC grind band formed out of the ashes of Needle. First show!