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Rave Ami w/ Continuals, Graham Grease

All Ages
Thursday, April 27
Doors: 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30 | Show at 8
All Ages

“Rave Ami were a live band. For ten years, the Pittsburgh trio who formed as high-schoolers were a secret handshake among touring acts and locals alike who knew that every show they played was a shoe-in. Everyone in the room was guaranteed to walk out the door a fan. But Rave Ami aren’t a live band anymore. Live bands don’t make albums as good as Let It Be. 

After releasing their 2017 debut, Mock Pop, and then busting out their charmingly haphazard 2018 follow-up, All Great Bands Break Up, guitarist/vocalist Joe Praksti, bassist Pat O’Toole, and drummer/vocalist Evan Meindl were ready for their third act. They’d done the whole preternaturally-gifted-musicians-drinking-hard-and-playing-shockingly-well-yet-endearingly-sloppy thing for a decade, and they were ready to make something that lasted longer than a few days of ringing ears. 

For Let It Be, they wrote songs — beautiful, majestic, heartfelt, clever, emotionally evocative songs with enduring melodies and titillating arrangements; throttling guitar solos and soft, delicate strumming. Songs that alternate between the effortlessly arranged colors and sequences of ‘60s mod and the proud delinquency of the only mic cable in the whole venue — the one that’s so gnawed up by rats that it shocks you every time you take a breath. Let It Be revels in the dichotomies of a band with creative A.D.D. who’ve decided to rail their prescribed pills instead of popping one with water every six hours.” – Eli Enis


“If Rave Ami have spent the last decade proving themselves as one of Pittsburgh’s best live bands, Let It Be’s big hooks and fascinating arrangements prove that they’re so much more than just a power trio” - Bandcamp

“Unique sound of part ’60s pop, ’90s/aughts anthemic rock and contemporary lo-fi emo wizardry” - Paste

“Thunderous rock that’s at once rowdy and refined” - FLOOD

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